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  • FID Gas Chromatograph & methaniser (UMTR)

    FID Gas Chromatograph & methaniser (UMTR)

    Analysis of CH4, CO, CO2 & NMHC  in PPB, PPM or % in Helium, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Air.

  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyser – THC 8000
  • Whisper Series <b class='text-danger'>Nitrogen</b> Generators

    Whisper Series Nitrogen Generators

    The VICI DBS® Whisper nitrogen generators can produce up to 120 L/min of high purity LC/MS grade nitrogen at pressures up to 8 bar (116 psig). These generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air into a safe regulated nitrogen supply with minimal operator attention and maintenance. For more information click here.

  • Sprint®


    The Sprint is an advancement for protein analysis based on a rapid green chemistry process allowing for direct protein detection in less than 5 minutes. It replaces the conventional Kjeldahl method for analysis of food products. This patent-pending system, which uses iTAG® protein-tagging technology, identifies and measures only protein, not nitrogen, so you can be certain your results are accurate. Features Direct method for protein conversion Remarkably easy to use No hazardous...

  • Cold Well

    Cold Well

    Cold wells are mounted for storage or low temperature work in chemical or biology laboratories. In biology, they make it possible to rapidly cool living tissues in an anaerobic atmosphere in particular; in chemistry they are used during NMR experiments at low temperature or for molecular chemistry reactions under an inert atmosphere at low temperature with an ethanol bath previously cooled with liquid nitrogen, for example .

  • Automatic Metallic Airlock Doors

    Automatic Metallic Airlock Doors

    The doors for cylindrical transfer locks mounted both on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) and on glove boxes to ensure operator protection can be fully automated. Automatic metallic airlock doors improve work ergonomics, especially inside the containment enclosure and facilitate maneuvering of airlock doors via a foot control.

  • Trace <b class='text-danger'>Nitrogen</b> Analyser – AZ 8000

    Trace Nitrogen Analyser – AZ 8000

    The AZ 8000 is our new online Trace Nitrogen Analyser for Argon and Helium.

  • Chromatographic Accessories

    Chromatographic Accessories

    PUR 8000 & PUR 8100 - Gas Purifier Gas Purifier for noble gases, nitrogen and hydrogen | Perfect for any trace gas analysis system

  • Mistral Evolution Series <b class='text-danger'>Nitrogen</b> Generators

    Mistral Evolution Series Nitrogen Generators

    The VICI DBS® Mistral Evolution is a self contained generator that produces up to 40 L/min of pure LC/MS grade nitrogen at up to 8 barg (116 psig). Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of compressor and Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) technology. High and low pressure compressors are carefully matched to the CMS demand to ensure quite and reliable operation. This unique combination of dual compressor technology has several unique advantages over all other nitrogen generators...

  • Negative Pressure Glove Box

    Negative Pressure Glove Box

    When should a glove box be used in negative pressure or a vacuum? A negative pressure glove box is a device for confining or recreating an atmosphere different from the ambient atmosphere in order to protect manual manipulation, the environment or operators. If it is used as safety equipment in various production processes, research applications or quality control, it can operate either under vacuum (negative pressure) or positive pressure. In order to choose the right equipment for your...

  • Cylindrical Vacuum Chambers

    Cylindrical Vacuum Chambers

    The standard design of vacuum chambers is cylindrical. These are double door airlocks with lockable closure. They allow for the transfer of samples, instruments, tools, components etc.  without any loss of containment of the enclosure to which they are connected.

  • DID Helium

    DID Helium

    Analysis of H2, Ne, O2+Ar, N2, Kr, CH4, CO, CO2 and Xe in Helium, Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Krypton and Xenon with the DID technology.

  • HP Plus Tower <b class='text-danger'>Nitrogen</b> Generators

    HP Plus Tower Nitrogen Generators

    The VICI DBS® HP Plus Tower produces nitrogen by utilizing a combination of filtration and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Standard compressed air is filtered by high efficiency coalescing filters to remove all contaminants down to 5 micron. For ultra sensitive applications such as GC carrier and make-up gas, units also include the additional heated catalyst module to ensure hydrocarbons are removed to <0.1 ppm. The air then passes through two columns filled with a proprietary...

  • Calvet Cryo

    Calvet Cryo

    For Capable Calorimetry, from sub-ambient temperatures CALVET calorimeters have their 3D sensors in common.They are made of a network of thermocouples surrounding the measurement cells. Basically, no heat is lost during measurements.CALVET CRYO can be supplied with cooling options ranging from a liquid nitrogen tank to high performance laboratory chillers.

  • Containment Isolators

    Containment Isolators

    Safety – Cleanability – Ergonomics Jacomex is a company with 75 years of experience in sealing and high-security containment enclosures. We can offer our customers in the pharmaceutical sector technical solutions intended for the protection of operators which were initially developed for use in the nuclear environment where the constraints are similar. Equipped with these safety features, our stainless steel insulators comply with GMP guidelines and are manufactured in our own...

  • Docking Vacuum Chambers

    Docking Vacuum Chambers

    The disconnectable or docking vacuum chamber is an airlock used as a transport box and vacuum airlock. It is particularly useful when samples must be transferred, under high purity conditions, from one glove box to another when the glove boxes are not necessarily located in the same room.

  • Controlled and Anaerobic Atmospheres

    Controlled and Anaerobic Atmospheres

    Innovative Isotechnics For innovative therapy drugs, nanoparticle anticancer drugs, microbiome science, gene and cell therapy, medical research… certain processes require not only the conditions which necessitate the use of a classic isolator (cleanliness class, aseptic environment, bio-decontamination , secure containment) but also specific internal atmospheric conditions, often characterized by humidity or oxygen control. Jacomex offers innovative stainless steel isolators which meet the...

  • Glass Automatic Airlock Doors

    Glass Automatic Airlock Doors

    The doors of cylindrical transfer locks mounted both on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) and on glove boxes to ensure operator protection can be fully automated and made of mineral glass. They improve work ergonomics, especially inside the containment enclosure and facilitate maneuvering of airlock doors via a foot control. Automatic doors facilitate work in glove boxes and isolators thanks to their transparency.

  • L-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    L-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    L-shaped vacuum chambers are a complementary alternative to the most common systems. They make it possible to install a glove box in a location that is too cramped where the use of a standard airlock is not possible or easy. The external opening in front allows for an interesting saving of space.

  • Parallelepipedic Vacuum Chambers

    Parallelepipedic Vacuum Chambers

    Parallelepipedic vacuum locks can be rectangular or cubic. They are made only to measure in order to best satisfy the constraints and specifications of the customer.

  • Safety Airlock Doors

    Safety Airlock Doors

    Vacuum airlocks mounted on controlled atmosphere installations (nitrogen, argon, helium) and purified glove boxes can be equipped with security doors. The option is offered in particular for our Ø 400 mm vacuum airlock; it is a very interesting option when the experiments, processes, materials must be secured against any accidental pollution or when the workspace containing hazardous materials must be secured, minimizing the risk of breach of containment.

  • Special Vacuum Chambers

    Special Vacuum Chambers

    Special vacuum locks cancome in various designs. They are made only to measure in order to make them compatible with their specific intended use. They are an integral part of a glove box and are more often used in production or in a pilot unit.

  • T-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    T-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    T-shaped vacuum chambers include three doors and allow transfers between two glove boxes, two isolators or two containment enclosures. In the same way, they provide transit from/to the outside through a front door. They represent an ideal solution for transferring samples without any pollution or contact with air during the different stages of development or production. They are mainly used on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium), purified glove boxes and...

  • Vertical Industrial Vacuum Chamber

    Vertical Industrial Vacuum Chamber

    The vertical industrial vacuum chamber has been specially designed  by our R&D department for the transfer of powders or materials in drums. Cans, barrels and drums that cannot naturally be transferred by the usual horizontal airlocks can be transferred by means of a vertical airlock. The accessibility and handling of a drum with gloves is made easier thanks to an assisted lifting interior tray.


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