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Negative Pressure Glove Box

Negative Pressure Glove Box
Negative Pressure Glove Box

When should a glove box be used in negative pressure or a vacuum? A negative pressure glove box is a device for confining or recreating an atmosphere different from the ambient atmosphere in order to protect manual manipulation, the environment or operators. If it is used as safety equipment in various production processes, research applications or quality control, it can operate either under vacuum (negative pressure) or positive pressure. In order to choose the right equipment for your applications and project, you need to understand how it works.

Which Negative Pressure Glove Box to Select?

Glove box specialists design standard or custom-made glove box models for the protection of operators and the environment. Jacomex is a world reference in this sector. Specialized in the design and manufacture of containment solutions for various sectors, it offers several vacuum glove boxes:

PureEvo Glove Box

This glove box is a modular model under filtered neutral gas with autonomous purification unit. It is suitable for industrial, nuclear, pharmaceutical and advanced research applications, particularly processes requiring the integration of instrumentation, equipment and machinery.

G(Safe) Glove Box

This high-security glove box under filtered air enhances the safety of operators and the environment. It keeps the atmosphere under negative pressure and automatically triggers a safety flow response in case of a break in containment. It is also a modular model for more flexibility.

G(Iso) Isolator

This high security stainless steel isolator under filtered neutral gas is adapted to the high requirements of pharmaceutical and medical processes. It is custom designed and operates in vacuum under air/nitrogen. It is ideal to protect the operators and the environment during the analysis and weighing of active ingredients and CMR, quality controls, in the manufacture of surgical and dental implants.

G(Polym) Glove Box

This polymer glove box is a versatile model that can be used for both operator and product protection. It is available in standard sizes, but Jacomex also offers a custom-made design.

All Jacomex negative pressure glove boxes can be accessorized according to the requirements of each project.

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