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  • Aseptic <b class='text-danger'>Isolators</b>

    Aseptic Isolators

    Principle Our engineers develop aseptic isolators with guarantees of product protection and process integrity in a class A environment. Our aseptic isolators are systematically based on proven standard concepts (mechanical, electrical, safety, processes, etc.) in conjunction with a custom made design. These choices allow us to offer our customers solutions that are perfectly adapted to the new demands of the pharmaceutical industry with optimized costs and top of the range technical...

  • Containment <b class='text-danger'>Isolators</b>

    Containment Isolators

    Safety – Cleanability – Ergonomics Jacomex is a company with 75 years of experience in sealing and high-security containment enclosures. We can offer our customers in the pharmaceutical sector technical solutions intended for the protection of operators which were initially developed for use in the nuclear environment where the constraints are similar. Equipped with these safety features, our stainless steel insulators comply with GMP guidelines and are manufactured in our own...

  • Controlled and Anaerobic Atmospheres

    Controlled and Anaerobic Atmospheres

    Innovative Isotechnics For innovative therapy drugs, nanoparticle anticancer drugs, microbiome science, gene and cell therapy, medical research… certain processes require not only the conditions which necessitate the use of a classic isolator (cleanliness class, aseptic environment, bio-decontamination , secure containment) but also specific internal atmospheric conditions, often characterized by humidity or oxygen control. Jacomex offers innovative stainless steel isolators which meet the...

  • Glass Automatic Airlock Doors

    Glass Automatic Airlock Doors

    The doors of cylindrical transfer locks mounted both on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) and on glove boxes to ensure operator protection can be fully automated and made of mineral glass. They improve work ergonomics, especially inside the containment enclosure and facilitate maneuvering of airlock doors via a foot control. Automatic doors facilitate work in glove boxes and isolators thanks to their transparency.

  • T-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    T-Shaped Vacuum Chambers

    T-shaped vacuum chambers include three doors and allow transfers between two glove boxes, two isolators or two containment enclosures. In the same way, they provide transit from/to the outside through a front door. They represent an ideal solution for transferring samples without any pollution or contact with air during the different stages of development or production. They are mainly used on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium), purified glove boxes and...

  • Ventilated T-Shaped Airlocks

    Ventilated T-Shaped Airlocks

    Ventilated T-shaped airlocks are three-door systems which are used to ensure transfers between two glove boxes, two isolators or two containment enclosures. Similarly, they are also used to ensure transit from/to the outside through a front door. They are mounted on glove boxes operating mainly under negative pressure air or containment enclosures.


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