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Automatic Metallic Airlock Doors

The doors for cylindrical transfer locks mounted both on installations under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) and on glove boxes to ensure operator protection can be fully automated. Automatic metallic airlock doors improve work ergonomics, especially inside the containment enclosure and facilitate maneuvering of airlock doors via a foot control.

Automatic Metallic Airlock Doors
Automatic Metallic Airlock Doors

In addition, automatic doors are intrinsically safe doors; This feature is particularly interesting when the experiments, processes, materials must be secured against any accidental pollution or when the workspace containing hazardous materials must be secured, by minimizing the risk of breach of containment. Any accidental simultaneous opening of the two doors is impossible and the opening of the interior door is only authorized according to project-specific parameters.

  • Energy
  • Laboratories and R&D
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Heavy Industry
  • Nuclear

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