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PureEvo Glove Box

Glove Boxes with Stand-Alone Purification Units 

< 1 PPM H2O – O2

The PUREEVO glove box is a glove box designed for Research and Industry for all elaborate to complex applications under controlled atmosphere. It is the premium ultimate purified tailor-made glove box of our PURE range.

PureEvo Glove Box
PureEvo Glove Box
  • Materials Physics and nanotechnology
  • Powder process
  • Development of all-solid-state and alternative lithium batteries
  • Furnace process (treatment, sintering, annealing)
  • Electronic organic materials: 2nd and 3rd generation solar cells (thin layers, perovskites, multijunction, DSSC…), Quantum Dots, graphene and 2D materials…
  • Welding of large titanium and alloy parts for the aeronautics, naval and automotive industries
  • Research and experimentation on nuclear materials sensitive to atmospheric components

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