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MARS™ 6 Synthesis

MARS™ 6 Synthesis
MARS™ 6 Synthesis

The MARS™ 6 Synthesis is a multi-mode microwave system that provides parallel reaction processing, under uniform conditions. The ability to run multiple reaction vessels simultaneously is advantageous for large laboratories, as it only takes 30 minutes to complete a set of 36 vessels. With the ability to accommodate multiple pressurized vessels, or up to a 5 L open flask, the MARS 6 Synthesis offers both high throughput for larger labs and flexibility to run batch syntheses.


  • 1800 watts delivered energy for rapid heating of reactions
    (regardless of the number of vessels in the cavity)
  • Large microwave cavity allows for the greatest range of reaction vessels
  • Specially designed cavity & waveguides to ensure uniform distribution of microwave energy (without the need for a mode stirrer)
  • High resolution touchscreen with speakers
    (No need for a laptop or external controller)

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